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Ivan, Russian physiologist and Nobel laureate, 1849-1936.
Pavlov behavioral theory
pavlovian conditioning - a type of conditioning in which a previously neutral stimulus elicits a response as a result of pairing it a number of times with an unconditioned stimulus for that response. Synonym(s): respondent conditioning
Pavlov method - the method of studying conditioned reflex activity by the observation of a motor indicator, such as the salivary or electroencephalographic response.
Pavlov pouch - a section of the stomach of a dog used in studies of gastric secretions. Synonym(s): miniature stomach; Pavlov stomach
Pavlov reflex - peripheral vasoconstriction and a rise in blood pressure in response to a fall in pressure in the great veins. Synonym(s): auriculopressor reflex
Pavlov stomach - Synonym(s): Pavlov pouch
Pavlov theory of schizophrenia - belief that symptoms of schizophrenia result from an inhibited state of the cerebral cortex.
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The case of Ivan Pavlov illustrates that the challenges of a global history of psychology are real, but not insurmountable.
This will be followed by a discussion of Ivan Pavlov who, unlike Twitmyer, seized the opportunity presented to him in the course of his investigations thereby opening up a whole new program of research into human and animal behavior.
(International sales: Bulgarian National Film Center, Sofia.) Produced by Ivan Pavlov, Panta Midzhimakov.
Ivan Pavlov on Communist dogmatism and the autonomy of science in the Soviet Union in the early 1920s.
Ivan Pavlov showed, through experimentation, the meaning of conditioned responses.
Ivan Pavlov, who lived 1849-1936, was a distinguished Nobel prize winner on gastric secretions when, in his fifties, he took up the study of salivation induced by other than food stimuli, e.g., in response to the approaching footsteps of an attendant bringing food, the simultaneous sound of a tuning fork, or the particular beat of a metronome.
Ivan Pavlov, winner of the 1904 Nobel Prize in physiology, may have stumbled upon the very essence of sport fishing and why we all love it so.
Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov discovered that dogs can be trained to salivate to the sound of a bell.
"This case's special character is revealed in the word "Ukraine" - everything associated with Ukraine is special and politically motivated," Sharina's lawyer Ivan Pavlov told International Business Times at a Jan.