Ito cells

I·to cells

fat-containing cells located in hepatic sinusoids.
See also: fat-storing cell.
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T., 20th century Japanese physician.
Ito cells - fat-containing cells lining hepatic sinusoids.
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Light microscopic changes consisted of nuclear displacement from the normal central cytoplasmic location in parenchymal cells, mononuclear cell infiltrations (mainly portally and as lipid granulomas), mild bile duct proliferation accompanied by fibrosis, and fat accumulation in hepatocytes and pluripotent Ito cells. Lipid accumulation in Ito ceils and bile duct hyperplasia accompanied by portal fibrosis were correlated to age, whereas no changes were associated with either sex or season (summer vs.
* Visible Ito cells: average number in five fields at 20x magnification
* Ito cells: mild (< 10), moderate (10 to < 50), severe (50-200).