Itinerant Physician

Medical history A physician who travelled to the patient(s)
Public health—Canada A physician who travels from his/her home community to an eligible rural community to provide outreach/direct patient services
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Incidental Findings is Ofri's second book, chronicling her sojourn as an itinerant physician and her eventual return to Bellevue Hospital where she now holds the dual titles of attending physician and assistant professor of medicine at New York University.
Chuang might have worked as an itinerant physician much longer, serving with VISTA and helping heal those with few healthcare options, but his friends and family had grown restless with his extended absences, "complaining that I did not exist for them anymore.
Consequently, when his patron Frobenius died in 1528, he was driven from Basel into the life of an itinerant physician, conducting chemical and medical research wherever he went.
This last phrase reveals the conditions under which the itinerant physician practiced, ever in competition with his fellow physicians, not to mention local healers and medicine men.
Now more than 250 itinerant physicians, including 40 pathologists, work for the agency.