itai-itai disease

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i·tai-·i·tai dis·ease

a form of cadmium poisoning described in some Japanese people, characterized by renal tubular dysfunction, osteomalacia, pseudofractures, and anemia, caused by ingestion of contaminated shellfish or other sources containing cadmium.
A form of renal osteodystrophy—osteomalacia with marked bone pain and painful fractures—described in multiparous Japanese women due to cadmium accumulation in bone, caused by industrial pollutants
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The osteomalacia observed in Itai-itai disease would have occurred as a consequence of Cd-induced damage to the renal cortex, which probably hampered the occurrence of the second hydroxylation of vitamin D in the affected cells [28].
They also pose a number of health hazards to humans such as Cd intake can lead to itai-itai disease, mercury accumulation may cause minimata disease and As intake through contaminated drinking water can cause poisoning [5].
Itai-Itai disease, which affected thousands of people in Japan and even many lead to death, was caused by Cd (Baby et al., 2010).
In the mid of 1950s a disease named itai-itai was reported in Japan.
In contaminated regions of Japan the chronic exposure of humans to Cd resulted in the occurrence of an epidemic of osteomalacia (Itai-Itai when concentration of Cd reached or exceeded 200 g/g
In Japan, excessive cadmium in the diets of some older women has caused "itai-itai"--or "ouch-ouch" disease.
Combined effects of estrogen deficiency and cadmium exposure on calcified hard tissues: Animal model relating to itai-itai disease in postmenopausal women Mitsuo Kakei, Toshiro Sakae and Masayoshi Yoshikawa Communicated by Tatsuo Suda, M.J.A.
Itai-itai (ouch-ouch) disease caused by cadmium (Cd) exposure is considered a type of osteomalacia, and is characterized by increased osteoid formation, with low-grade bone mineralization.
Man being at the top of many food chains is highly vulnerable as in the cases of Cd and Hg poisoning (Itai-itai and Rheumatic diseases) in the Jintsu River and Minamata, Japan [11,20].
O caso mais conhecido de intoxicacao por cadmio por meio dos alimentos ocorreu nas margens do rio Jintsu, na cidade de Funchi-machi, no Japao, logo apos a II Guerra Mundial: um grande numero de pessoas, plantadores de arroz e pescadores foram acometidos de dores reumaticas e mialgias, acompanhadas de deformidades osseas e disturbios renais, o que se denominou doenca Itai-Itai (ouch-ouch) (KAZUYA, 2000).
The typical patient with itai-itai disease was reported to be a middle aged postmenopausal multiparous woman who had lumbar pains, leg myalgia, and ducklike gait.