itai-itai disease

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i·tai-·i·tai dis·ease

a form of cadmium poisoning described in some Japanese people, characterized by renal tubular dysfunction, osteomalacia, pseudofractures, and anemia, caused by ingestion of contaminated shellfish or other sources containing cadmium.
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A form of renal osteodystrophy—osteomalacia with marked bone pain and painful fractures—described in multiparous Japanese women due to cadmium accumulation in bone, caused by industrial pollutants
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Cadmium has caused Itai itai (or "Ouch ouch") disease in Japan and was reported this year at high levels (above 0.2 meg per gram) in a large proportion of rice samples in the Guangzhou province of China.
The protesters also included victims of air pollution in Amagasaki in Hyogo Prefecture, west of Osaka, and those of so-called ''itai itai disease'' caused by cadmium-polluted soil and water in Toyama Prefecture facing the Sea of Japan.