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A euphemism for mental or emotional problems, as in 'he has issues'
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Issues: Amendments to regulations; workers' compensation reform; agents licensing streamlining; principles-based reserving; suitability standards in sales of annuities.
Arbitration is available only for factual issues, including those unresolved at the conclusion of unsuccessful attempts to enter into a dosing agreement under Sec.
Also, the committee's purpose is to provide an effective forum for member networking and provide a medium for the committee members to discuss common issues that they face with their work in the benefits sector.
In this first-ever issue of Library Trends dedicated to GIS and libraries, we present thirteen authors contributing ten profoundly informative articles that address a variety of current issues and trends in the field.
To address these issues, the task force recommended three new technical advice processes: (i) a streamlined general advice process, (ii) a case-specific process for providing advice to the field, and (iii) a new category of generic, industry-specific legal advice.
African Philosophy focuses on an exciting set of interrelated metaphysical issues: the nature of ontological commitments in African thought systems, whether these commitments are rooted in the supernatural or empirical, and whether they have implications for human values.
Many newsletter publishers say the only way to sell subs on the internet is to offer a free trial subscription, not a free issue. But I had an investment newsletter publisher who refused to give a trial subscription, saying that gave away too much content.
Added to these important issues are questions about whether family assets are adequately protected against disability, liability, long-term care costs or premature death.
As immigrant issues have been a 'hot topic' recently, our funders at progressive foundations were pleased that the Chicago Youth Council was making some noise on this matter.
Since 1990, however, a substantial body of literature has been published that addresses career counseling with lesbian and gay persons (Pope, 1995c), but very little of the past or recent career counseling literature regarding gay men and lesbian women has addressed the issues of nondominant racial or ethnic groups (Chung & Katayama, 1998; Pope & Chung, 2000).
On life and family issues, the Liberals, the NDP and the PCs stand on the same side.
I incorporated sections of Young's (1995) presentation of these ethical issues. I wanted to ensure that these other topics were not as impassioned in order to provide opportunities for the individual students to learn how to discuss moral issues without being overtaken by one's emotions.