Issels' whole-body therapy

Issels’ whole-body therapy

Fringe oncology
An unproven method for cancer management developed by German physician Joseph Issels, based on the belief that cancer has a systemic aetiology which locally appears as a neoplasm. Issels attributed cancer to adverse changes in metabolism and natural resistance due to “causal factors”, including genetic defects, microbes, dental amalgams, infections, abnormal intestinal flora, poor diet, neural interference, chemical toxins and radiation. Issels therapy’s most unique feature is the so-called haematogenic oxidation therapy, in which the patient’s blood is removed, oxygenated, irradiated with ultraviolet light and then returned to the patient; it also incorporates dietary (consumption of organic foods) and behavioural (cessation of smoking and consumption of tea, coffee, and alcohol) alterations, as well as informal psychotherapy to rid the patient of “toxic emotions”, such as stress and anger.
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