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(1) seems to be correct, as a good correlation exists between [sup.15]N isotopic enrichment and first-order reaction rates.
Calibration curves for isotopic enrichment were constructed by plotting the [MPE.sub.i] values against the real MPE obtained gravimetrically (13).
In early experiments with fatty acid calibration mixtures, the TBDMS esters obtained were very stable and suitable for assessing isotopic enrichment of both TBDMS-palmitate (M = 313; [M + 1] = 314) and TBDMS-oleate (M = 339; [M + 1] = 340).
The isotopic enrichment of both phytoplankton (Fig.
However, if this hypothesis were true, we would predict that the isotopic enrichment of ammonium and/or nitrate would closely mimic the enrichment of phytoplankton; any DIN present in the vicinity of the diatom bloom would have been recycled from the isotopically enriched diatoms.
The levels of isotopic enrichment attained in these subtidal crustaceans, and the speed with which they acquired the label (Fig.
Plasma concentrations of phenylalanine, tyrosine, leucine and [alpha]-KIC and the isotopic enrichments of plasma [[sup.2][H.sub.5]]phenylalanine, [2H4]tyrosine, [[sup.2][H.sub.2]]tyrosine, [1-[sup.13]C]leucine and [alpha]-[1-[sup.13]C]KIC were stable during the last 2 h of infusion (data not shown).