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1. Ring structure characteristic of the group of opium alkaloids represented by papaverine.
2. A class of alkaloids containing the isoquinoline (1) ring structure.
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In the new investigation, they took a closer look at beta-carbolines and isoquinolines, toxins that resemble MPTP which the body produces from substances found in tobacco smoke, alcohol, and some foods.
Music et al., "Morphinans and isoquinolines: acetylcholinesterase inhibition, pharmacophore modeling, and interaction with opioid receptors," Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, vol.
It was found to deliver high-accuracy data, which provided a successful identification of isoquinolines of different kind [9-11].
Medicinal and Industrial Uses of Isoquinolines. Since its discovery, isoquinoline has remained an aromatic heterocycle of broad appeal to the synthetic organic, materials science, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical communities.
Thus, the central analgesic activity of PLE may be attributed to the presence of alkaloids probably belonging to different classes (isoquinolines, aporphine, protopine, etc.) and polyphenolic compounds.
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Khan and coworkers synthesized 1-(4,5-dihydropyrazol 1-yl) isoquinolines, 2.2.3 from chalcones, 2.2.2 and 1hydrazinylisoquinoline, and 2.2.1 using iron-oxide nanoparticles and this method of synthesis eliminates the autooxidation of the desired pyrazolines to the corresponding pyrazoles (Scheme 2) [43].
2002) and Buxaceae (Rahman and Choudhary 2001), isoquinolines from Papaveraceae (Kim 2002; Kim et al.
In the present study, Eliman's method was used to verify the inhibition of AChE activity of some isoquinolines alkaloids such as galanthamine, montanine, hippeastrine and pretazettine.
Aporphine alkaloids constitute one of the largest group of isoquinolines, including structures such as aporphincs, proaporphines, secoaporphines, oxoaporphines, dehydroaporphines, 7-hydroxyaporphines, aporphine dimmers and aristolactams (Pelletier 1987).
Two, nigellicine and nigellidine have an indazole nucleus, whereas nigellimine and its N-oxide are isoquinolines (Ali and Blunden, 2003).