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Of equal electrical potential. Compare: isoelectric point.
Synonym(s): isopotential
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Direct determination of salicylic acid in human serum by matrix isopotential synchronous fluorescence.
Determination of pyridoxal in human serum by matrix isopotential synchronous fluorescence spectrometry.
Direct determination of salicylamide in serum by matrix isopotential synchronous fluorimetry.
Direct determination of nalidixic acid in urine by matrix isopotential synchronous fluorescence spectrometry.
In addition to the solvent-accessible potential surface maps, which show how the potential varies along the surface drafted by the centers of the rolling probe sphere (e.g., the ion), it is also useful to analyze the MEP on the protein, which is given by the isopotential surface maps.
As an example of the comparison performed between the body surface heart potential mapping obtained in the complete system and the limited lead system, the isopotential maps of the QRS complex recorded in the same patient with right bundle branch blocks are displayed in the Figure 2 and Figure 3, respectively.
In the both compared systems, the sequences of the isopotential maps representing the QRS complex were characteristic for conduction disturbances ongoing within the right bundle branch.
A subject of comparison were isopotential maps created in the BSPM system from the patients with right bundle branch blocks.
A transformation of the ECG data from the cylindrical to the spherical system appeared to neither reduce nor distort the body surface isopotential maps, in spite of simplification of the isolines course.