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A line on a cartesian nomogram consisting of all points that represent a particular value of a variable; for example, an isobar is an isopleth for a particular pressure.
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A combination analysis of E and isopleth ratio (Lc/La) was used to determine the goby fishing status based on the method of Pauly and Soriano (1986).
It is not possible to know precisely where in the spectrum from horizontal to vertical isopleths the Hanson quarry lies, but this scenario would seem to apply to the case of the Titanic headstones, with a major caveat.
Mean core area isopleth was 0.5 [+ or -] 0.045 (mean [+ or -] SD; range 0.4-0.55).
Isopleths of abundance (kg km-[lineal.sup.-1]) of Heterocarpus reedi estimated in surveys using swept area method by depth, latitude, and year.
First and last dates of collaring, record length, and home range area in summer and winter from fixed-kernel estimates using a 95% isopleth for 12 GPS-collared moose.
For sample Z53, the garnet core is estimated to have grown at 6.3-6.7 kbar/535-540oC.The garnet core compositional isopleths in samples M22 intersect at 4.6-4.9 kbar/507-513oC.
Distribution of chlorophyll and biomass: Isopleths of chlorophyll-a concentration in the vertical direction during each of the three campaigns are respectively illustrated in figures 5 A, B, C.
Furthermore, we captured 75% of adult Fishers within the 90% isopleth (90% UD) of their respective winter utilisation distribution (estimated from >30 temporally independent radio-locations collected over >10 mo using Animal Movement extension to ArcView [Hooge and Eichenlaub 1999]); 75% of these 90% UDs were [greater than or equal to]17.0 [km.sup.2] (RD Weir, Artemis Wildlife Consultants, unpubl.
To further investigate meteorological effects on dry and wet deposition, the isopleths for atmospheric mercury concentrations, dry mercury deposition rates, and wet mercury deposition rates are illustrated for the Conesville coal-fired power plant during February in Figures 3, 4 and 5, respectively.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--Based on previous estimates of abundance and distribution of pronghorns (deVos, 1999; Arizona Game and Fish Department, 2004) and precipitation isopleths (Sellers and Hill, 1974), we selected 10 study areas consisting of various Game Management Units in Arizona (Fig.
The NFSE isopleths maps for lead and zinc in the four rias considered are shown in figure 4.
A model of this type can develop concentration isopleths over an area from weather data averaged over a variety of time periods such as a day, month or year.