isoelectric focusing

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the act of converging at a point.
isoelectric focusing electrophoresis in which the protein mixture is subjected to an electric field in a gel medium in which a pH gradient has been established; each protein then migrates until it reaches the site at which the pH is equal to its isoelectric point.
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i·so·e·lec·tric fo·cus·ing

electrophoresis of small molecules or macromolecules in a pH gradient.
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isoelectric focusing

the separation of molecules by differences in their charge, each molecule migrating to the point in a PH gradient where it has no net charge.
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Isoelectric focussing: The isoelectric focusing was performed by harvesting 20 h brain infusion broth (Hi-media laboratories, India) culture by centrifugation.
Quality control for ESBL detection, isoelectric focussing and PCR: K.
Six randomly selected isolates (2 each from TEM, SHV and TEM+SHV positive groups) were subjected to isoelectric focussing. Results showed that TEM positive isolates produced beta lactamases consistent with pI (isoelectric point) of 5.4 and 5.6.
However, in certain instances it has proven beneficial to reduce the magnitude or even reverse the direction of the electroosmotic flow through the use of charged surfactants, which alter the zeta potential of the capillary inner walls.(12,13) Alternatively, for techniques like capillary isoelectric focussing and capillary gel electrophoresis the electroosomotic flow is eliminated.
Isoelectric focussing of this sample revealed several bands migrating between pI ~6 and 8.5.
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