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The radical -NC; organic isocyanides are called isonitriles.
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Some isocyanide compounds are also toxic to parasites, and their effect on the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum is the best studied (Angerhofer and Pezzuto, 1992; Konig et al.
In the last few years many companies--particularly in the USA, Switzerland, and France--are very active in the MCR field, but only very few academic groups like those of Bossio, Curran, and Schreiber [6] have recently shown activity, although the chemistry of the isocyanide MCRs is one of the few areas of chemistry where still much progress can be made.
Palladium Complexes with Carbonyl, Isocyanide and Carbene Ligands (K.
Isocyanide chemistry; applications in synthesis and material science.
Related (disilene)palladium complexes with isocyanide ligands 75a, 75b, and 76 are synthesized by the reactions of 70b and 74 with the corresponding isocyanide (eqs [30] and [31]) in high yields.
Measuring the effect of ultraviolet light on methyl isothiocyanate's breakdown in the troposphere, where many sprayed particles end up, the chemists saw the pesticicle degrade into methyl isocyanide and atomic sulfur.
Liu, Substitution Reactions of diiron dithiolate Complexes with phosphine or isocyanide ligands, J.
Konishi, Synthesis of 1-Formyl-1, 2-dihydro-quinoline Derivatives by a Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Cyclization of o-(1-Hydroxy-2-alkenyl) Phenyl Isocyanides, Chem.
a skin or respiratory sensitizer or if it is corrosive or has acute irritant effects * a chemical which causes severe effects after a single, repeated or prolonged exposure * a flammable liquid, vapor or aerosols Many chemicals that are used in spray painting, including 2-part polyurethane paints containing isocyanides and toluene (an ingredient in many oil-based paints), and in powder coating, such as triglycidyl isocyanurate, hydrofluoric acid and chromic acid are known to present significant health risks and should be assessed as high risk.
Among the published improvements is the addition of organic compounds like soluble starch (64) or carboxylates and isocyanides.