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M., 20th-century Egyptian surgeon. See: Salah sternal puncture needle.
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Using prayer transfers and imitation, which are important components of how the two faiths relate in Western Nigeria, my work interrogates the role of these emergent forms of Islamic prayer in the deeper transformation of the totality of the religious culture in the area.
Islamic prayer rooms have been made available at Taoyuan International Airport, the high speed Taichung Station (rail station) and along some highways.
The building has been used as a place for Islamic prayer for more than 40 years, and the applicant says it is "well known in Middlesbrough for being the oldest still serving Masjid".
Islamic prayer in mosques consists of verses, expressions said silently during the worship and steps of movements and their repetitions to make prayers complete.
She said family members were hugging and kissing him, holding his hands and chanting an Islamic prayer while his heart kept beating and called it a "true testament to the strength of his spirit and will".
She said the family was surrounding Ali, hugging and kissing him, holding his hands and chanting an Islamic prayer while his heart kept beating as his other organs failed.
Sama posted this picture on Instagram, dressed in Islamic prayer clothes, while dishing out some religious advice to her fans.
I would imagine that the Eiffel Tower will make a very spectacular minaret to call Paris to Islamic prayer.
Girls and boys were needlessly segregated, while Islamic prayer sessions became more frequent.
Explaining the Islamic prayer tradition, he said: "We have a W small window in which to pray, a bit like the transfer window in football.
Facing a lawsuit, a Georgia city council reversed its vote rejecting a zoning variance for an Islamic prayer center.
This harmony between Muslims and Christians in Palestine is also reflected by the Christians of Gaza offering refuge for displaced Muslims in their church and holding Islamic prayer services in the church if Zionists bomb their mosque.

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