Ishihara, Shinobu

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Shinobu, Japanese ophthalmologist, 1879-1963.
Ishihara I-Temp cautery
Ishihara IV slit lamp
Ishihara plate
Ishihara test - a test for color vision deficiency.
Ishihara test chart book
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The eye care specialists have developed images of four famous glasses wearers in the style of the Ishihara plate test, which is used to identify colour vision deficiency.
* Colour discrimination was assessed monocularly by Holmgren wool test, Ishihara plate test, and the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 (FM 100) Hue test under appropriate lighting condition.
Each subject was tested for CVD using Ishihara plates. Association of gender with CVD was insignificant using Chi square test.
Best ever diagnosis of colour-blindness is using Ishihara Plates. Ishihara Plates were designed in 1917 and still are gold standard to diagnose this condition.
(26) Applicants that fail the Ishihara plates and deutans that pass the Farnsworth D15 test without error were accepted.
It has been suggested that heterozygous women might be identified by a small number of errors on the Ishihara plates or by a large number of 'misreadings': this is not the case.
Ishihara plates consist of a series of cards in which a colored background is printed in spots of different sizes (7).
Until recently, a failure on the Ishihara plates would have indicated the need for a Holmes Wright Lantern test to assess whether the applicant can recognise the colours used in aviation.
As many as 40-45% (16,18) of adults with normal colour vision make at least one misreading on the Ishihara plates. The percentage of children who make at least one misreading is even higher.