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Shinobu, Japanese ophthalmologist, 1879-1963. See: Ishihara test.
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In Chapter 5, Sherif closely examines the novelist Ishihara Shintaro and the Sun Tribe (Taiyozoku) that originated in his novels: hedonistic privileged young characters rebelling against their elders and rejecting old sexual norms.
Shintaro Ishihara, co-head of the Japan Restoration Party, made a gaffe Friday regarding the status of one of the Japanese nationals abducted to North Korea decades ago, referring to her as a "mistress."
In company class, San Francisco Ballet dancer Koto Ishihara seems quiet and meticulous.
Summary: Tokyo: Firebrand former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, a potential kingmaker in next month's general election, ...
Shintaro Ishihara just can't get enough attention from China.
Shigeo Ishihara, 64, beat travel agent Haruhisa Muramatsu, 60, and former city councilor Katsuhisa Mizuno, 58.
said it decided at a board meeting Friday to promote Senior Managing Director Shuzo Sumi to president in late June, replacing Kunio Ishihara.
for cars equipped with the electronic toll collection system from November, Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Nobuteru Ishihara said Friday.
Shintaro Ishihara on Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula in 1910 ''shameful.''
Takashi Ishihara, CEO of Cluberria, a Tokyo club culture Web site (, says the expansion of the club industry has been exponential over the last two or three years.
TOKYO, March 9 Kyodo Prizewinning novelist and former Transport Minister Shintaro Ishihara, known for his nationalistic remarks and deeds over foreign policy, will declare his candidacy Wednesday in the April 11 Tokyo gubernatorial election, his second bid for the governorship, his aides and supporters said Tuesday.
THE JAPAN THAT CAN SAY NO -- Why Japan Will Be The First Among Equals by Shintaro Ishihara (Simon and Schuster) is a slim volume with a remarkably explosive history, and content to match.