Luna-Ishak stain

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Lu·na-Is·hak stain

(lūn'ă is'hahk),
a staining method using celestine blue and acid fuchsin in which bile canaliculi stain pink to red.


Luna-Ishak stain - see under Luna


Lee G., 20th century U.S. medical technologist.
Luna-Ishak stain - a staining method using celestine blue and acid fuchsin in which bile canaliculi stain pink to red.
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Herrera leveled the score 10 minutes from time with a header off a corner kick, cancelling Home United's opening goal courtesy of veteran Singapore international Shahril Ishak in the 23rd.
Bienve Maranon sent his 10th minute penalty to the post and the Busmen were made to rue the missed opportunity when Singapore international Shahril Ishak scored from the spot 13 minutes later.
On 23rd January 2018, Pos Malaysia appointed Al-Ishsal Ishak, 49, its group CEO, with effect from 2nd Feb.
Michael Kollner's side don't seem to have suffered too much from the January departure of Germany under-21 international attacker Cedric Teuchert to Schalke and they continue to pick up points despite a mini goal drought for leading marksman Mikael Ishak, who notched the last of his 12 league goals in mid-December.
EVERTON were deep in talks to sign Ishak Belfodil in January before Ronald Koeman pulled the plug.
Sevim Aydinli, MD; Sultan Biskin, MD; Aykut Erdem Dinc, MD; Yusuf Orhan Ucal, MD; Nilufer Kandemir, MD; ishak Ozel Tekin, MD
Its roots are in the belief that Allah orders Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishak as evidence of his faith.
Scores of villagers turned out Sunday to see away their martyrs; Ayed Habib, Lamei Ishak Twadros (44), Ishak Shalaby (45), Ayed Ward (23), Eid Ishak (46), Nassef Mamdouh (42) and Samuel Atef (32).
Trois medailles d'or ont ete decrochees par les garcons grace aux lutteurs Kateb Salaheddine (55 kg), Fares Lakel (60 kg), Ishak Boukhors (66 kg).
On Tuesday, George Ishak, a member of the National Council for Human Rights, submitted a memorandum demanding the Interior Ministry prisons department apply regulations to improve conditions for pre-trial detainees.
Engineer Adam Al-Fakki Mohamed Al-Tayeb, the Wali (governor) of South Darfur asserted the state readiness to run the referendum, meanwhile, the Shertyi Ja'afar Abdul-Hakam ishak, the Wali (governor) of East Darfur state has affirmed completion of all the necessary arrangements for carrying the referendum.
Jaime Caro, J|rgen M|ller, Jonathan Karnon, James Stahl, and Jack Ishak