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Isaac, U.S. psychiatrist, 1807-1881.
Ray mania - moral insanity.
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"Cheap novels and trashy newspapers [are] more a cause than a cure of insanity," wrote Isaac Ray, superintendent of Butler Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.
Len Levin MSLIS, MA, AHIP, len.levin@umassmed.edu, Head, Education & Clinical Services, and Instructor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA 01655; Ruthann Gildea, MLS, AHIP, rgildea@butler.org, Director, Isaac Ray Medical Library, Butler Hospital, 345 Blackstone Boulevard, Providence, RI 02906
His firm was the architect for Springwoods Behavioral Health in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the design architect working with the architect of record, Scholer Corporation, on the Isaac Ray Treatment Center in Logansport, Indiana.
By 1838 the early American psychiatrist Isaac Ray had observed that such cases were of "painful frequency."(2)
Isaac Ray, A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity, ed.