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Sir Isaac, English physicist, 1642-1727.
newton - derived unit of force in the SI system.
Newton disk - a disk on which there are seven colored sectors, which, when rapidly rotated, appear white.
Newton law - the attractive force between any two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. Synonym(s): law of gravitation
Newton rings - colored rings on thin surfaces.
newtonian aberration - the difference in focus or magnification of an image arising because of a difference in the refraction of different wavelengths composing white light. Synonym(s): chromatic aberration
newtonian constant of gravitation - a universal constant relating the gravitational force, attracting two masses toward each other when they are separated by a distance.
newtonian flow - the type of flow characteristic of a newtonian fluid.
newtonian fluid - a fluid in which flow and rate of shear are always proportional to the applied stress.
newtonian viscosity - the viscosity characteristics of a newtonian fluid.
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The BMO Financial Group Isaac Newton Chair in Theoretical Physics at Perimeter Institute is the first of five chairs planned by the Perimeter Institute, to be named after scientists whose insights defined modern physics.
Isaac Newton took it upon himself to chase the coiners, and he personally prosecuted 28 of them.
Newman produces "The Chymistry of Isaac Newton," an interdisciplinary project that provides new research on Newton's chymistry career.
Isaac Newton would not be happy to learn Bob Geldof is getting the credit for unveiling the concept of gravity," the Daily Express quoted Steve Conway from Premier Inn as saying.
He is pictured in Isaac Newton guise with youngsters Lucy Storrie, who goes to Lepton C of E School, and Philip Hepplestone, a pupil at Rowley Lane Junior School, Lepton, as they demonstrate one of his theories.
There are snippets from classic works by Ptolemy, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and William Herschel, while the text ranges from the discovery of Halley's comet and shifts in the solar system to Barnard's photos of nebulae.
This two-volume set reproduces early narratives of the life of Isaac Newton (1643-1727), illustrating the evolving way the eminent scientist was viewed and depicted in the years following his death.
The childlessness of an Isaac Newton or a George Washington, the extinction of the Lincoln Family, the spinsterhood of the brightest girl in the class," he mourned, "are great biological tragedies.
He has three in honor of Sir Isaac Newton, one of which displays symbols from Newton's famous law of gravity.
But before you hit the miniature golf course, study these lessons from physicist Sir Isaac Newton and learn how to sink putts with ease.
Until Einstein came along, the scientific understanding of how the physical universe operated was based largely on the 17th-century work of Englishman Sir Isaac Newton.
Turner, Isaac Newton, and Cranach the Elder, is only the first of several collaborations he has planned with Forsythe to investigate the phenomenology of light.