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The biological assay for irritancy was adopted from Evans and Schmidt method (Evans and Schmidt 1980; Schmidt and Moult 1983).
We have noted that among the matched controls, sensitivity to the odor of PEA and the irritancy of n-butanol was associated with age.
Quantitative evaluation to predict the eye irritancy of chemicals.
The product features include plastics adhesion, pigment dispersant, low irritancy, low shrinkage, very low viscosity, fast cure, hardness, abrasion and high scratch resistance, flexibility and more.
173) The invention related to a new ratio for a common antibiotic composition for paediatric use--interestingly, again with the aim of reducing the problem of gastric irritancy.
Embil K Nacht S, The Microsponge Delivery System (MDS): a topical delivery system with reduced irritancy incorporating multiple triggering mechanisms for the release of actives.
IM injections are also given based on the injection volume and other factors, including the viscosity and irritancy of the formulation (Ansel, Allen, & Popovich, 2004).
Purified Der p1 and p2 patch tests in patients with atopic dermatitis: Evidence for both allergenicity and proteolytic irritancy.
As HDDA was used at a relatively low concentration and in aqueous solution, it does not impart any odor or irritancy to the formulation.
It's a legacy of the enormous irritancy of the first topical retinoids to reach the market years ago.
The product, Breakthrough, is a virtually odorless, low toxicity, high-purity hydrocarbon that exhibits a very low degree of irritancy to the eyes and is non-irritating to the skin.