Irritable Male Syndrome

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A term of recent vintage for the changes seen in seasonally breeding male mammals which, at the end of mating season and due to a drop in testosterone, become testy, not unlike human males. The human equivalent is most common between ages 40 and 60 and has been variously termed male menopause, andropause and viropause
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As many wives and partners have discovered over the years, that is one way of dealing with the Irritable Male Syndrome.
) Irritable Male Syndrome has emerged through research done by the Medical Research Council's Human Reproductive Sciences Unit in Edinburgh.
Scientists also consider that Irritable Male Syndrome can occur in younger men as well, when a stressful lifestyle causes testosterone levels to drop.
According to a report in the New Scientist magazine, Captain Crabby could be suffering from Irritable Male Syndrome, or IMS.
The grumpy state of mind - dubbed Irritable Male Syndrome - is triggered by a sudden drop in the male hormone testosterone.
Researchers found that irritable male syndrome, caused by a sudden drop in testosterone, badly affects animals and that it can probably trigger moodiness in humans as well.