Blaud, P.

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P., French physician, 1774-1858.
Blaud pill - ferrous sulfate used in treatment of chlorosis. Synonym(s): iron pill
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In order to establish the correct attitude, overcoming negative attitudes and strengthening the positive attitude toward iron pill consumption, educations were presented using lecture, inquiry and group discussion.
An iron pill. It is spring green and slips like a slim pen from
A single iron pill is sufficient to cause illness in toddlers and an overdose of just 10 can kill.
A total of 1,450 lady health workers and 115 supervisors would take part in door-to-door campaign in which pregnant women would be handed iron pills and medicine for children against stomach worms.
In Bangkok, health officials handed out folic acid and iron pills in pink boxes at six locations to entice couples to prepare for pregnancy.
Summary: Ranchi (Jharkhand) [India], October 30 (ANI): "Adivasi women don't eat nutritious food during pregnancy and also don't take iron pills on a regular basis because it is a myth amongst them that they will have problems at the time of delivery of the child due to the pill".
While 77.7% of the families who participated stated that (n = 108) iron medicine was prescribed other 43.2% of families stated (n = 60) was prescribed and they were informed about iron pills and IDA.
10Medication Many everyday over-the-counter medicines can trigger a bloated tum, including aspirin, diarrhoea medication and iron pills.
A study of 198 women showed iron pills may also help those with moderately low iron levels too.
The latest research shows that less of anemia can be explained by iron deficiency than previously thought, and even when anemia is caused by iron deficiency, iron pills are not the best treatment.
"Thanks to analysis I've had at Teesside, I can safely counteract this by taking iron pills, allowing my body to carry around more oxygen when I'm attempting records."