iron oxide

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iron oxide,

n a compound of iron and oxygen which is often used for laboratory polishing of precious metals. See also jeweler's rouge.
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The PZC values of iron hydroxide at different temperatures were also determined by the potentiometric titration method [24 25].
3+]), which readily formed the insoluble iron hydroxide complex Fe[(OH).
disposal or utilization of the iron hydroxide sludge
This is made more difficult by the loading of the tunnel weather by radon as well as by iron hydroxide sludge on the cleat, which can cause serious damage to the environment during flooding.
Observing that the normally blue lake turned reddish brown, the team concludes that iron hydroxide precipitates at the surface caused the color change.
Tenders are invited for Injection Parenteral Iron Hydroxide Sucrose Complex 100Mg/Ampoule/5Ml
Brown glass bottle x 30 ml oral solution iron hydroxide complex poly III
Complex Iron Hydroxide (III) Polimaltozat Syrup Fl, Sing.
Procurement Acquisition Program National Necessary Medications Alternate Renal Function in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure-Complex Iron Hydroxide (Iii) Sucrose 20Mg Ml 5Ml
This is due to the fact that generated iron hydroxides from the corrosion of the anode form complexes with ions occurring in the wastewater therefore rapidly removing COD.
These promote corrosion by producing deposits of iron hydroxides that synergistically promote SRB activity.