Iris Versicolor

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A perennial herb, the dried rhizome of which contains alkaloids, salicylates, starch, and tannins; it is antiemetic and carminative, and has been used for eructation, headache, cramps, rheumatic complaints, to increase the flow of bile, and is said to remove toxins from the blood
Toxicity Fresh blue flag root is poisonous
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In all of these scenarios, from ancient times to the present, the Wild Iris Iris versicolor was present.
One plant species that lends itself to investigations of self-pollination is blue flag, Iris versicolor (Iridaceae), an insect-pollinated herb which exhibits clonal growth and frequently occurs in isolated or physically stressful wet habitats throughout northeastern North America.
In the present study our aim was to determine the extent of self-compatibility and in-breeding depression in an isolated population of Iris versicolor occurring on an oceanic island.
Iris versicolor is common in moist open areas on Kent Island and most of the larger islands in the Grand Manan Archipelago.
Iris versicolor is often thought of clinically for migraine headaches.