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in Greek mythology, the wife of Laius; she unwittingly married her son Oedipus after Laius was slain.
Jocasta complex - libidinous fixation on son by mother.
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The most satisfactory paraphrase is perhaps the following: `the sons locked up their father that a [Tau][Upsilon][Chi][Eta] might be forgotten which would require many a [Unknown Words Omitted] (if they were to succeed).' [Pi][Omicron][Chi][Chi][Omega][Upsilon] would stand in pointed opposition to the one [Unknown Words Omitted] imprisoning their father, stressing the futility of their attempt.(9) This, however, is not the point to which Iocasta is building up.
Bass Gleb Nikolskij was a sonorous Tiresias and the minor part of Iocasta was upgraded a great deal by Karan Armstrong.
By not dwelling on Greek fabulae Cicero conveniently avoids drawing awkward parallels between Aris' wife and the likes of Iocasta and Phaedra.