Radiation oncology Radioactive seeds for treating prostate CA. See Brachytherapy, Prostate CA.
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and is marketed in the United States by IoGold Systems Inc.
Commenting on the use of Oki's Advantage Microcontroller in the IoGold Systems IoPro product, Peter Wilcox, principal engineer, Technology Atlanta, said, "The flexibility and richness of Oki's MCU peripheral set allowed several cost saving optimizations, such as combination of an unused DMA port and a timer to provide event counting and rate monitoring with very little CPU overhead and no additional hardware.
74 (keV) (a) Assumed for Nycomed-Amersham 6702, North American Scientific / Mentor IoGold (MED3631-A/M), Bebig / UroMed Symmetra I-125, International Brachytherapy Intersourc[e.
The IoGold and PdGold brachytherapy seeds marketed by Mentor are manufactured exclusively for Mentor by North American Scientific, Inc.
Mentor launched the IoGold iodine seed early last year and recently introduced a new palladium seed, becoming the only company able to supply both iodine and palladium products.
So far well over a thousand men have been treated for prostate cancer with IoGold seeds," Conway said.
Cutrer continued: "First-quarter sales of IoGold remained strong throughout the holiday season and continued to increase.
Our distributor of IoGold I-125 brachytherapy sources, Mentor Corporation, is rapidly increasing its sales and marketing efforts to meet the needs of our customers.
Preliminary independent testing has shown the IoGold design to have an improved radiation profile which may allow for better radiation planning and treatment," said North American Scientific's president and chief executive officer L.
FDA approval is an important milestone in the development of our brachytherapy product line and we look forward to launching the IoGold product.