invitation to treat

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invitation to treat,

n an exploratory fact-finding, preliminary step toward entering into a possible agreement with another party, such as a letter asking for more information or an advertisement.
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London north west healthcare nhs trust - invitation for offers for the provision of sponsorship stoma care specialist nursing services for a 5 year period, with option to extend for two further 12 month periods, subject to agreement.
At the same time the preparation of tenders' documents for the construction of the new Paphos to Polis road, were also being prepared and the invitation for offers would be made in 2018, said the minister.
99% owner Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB), of a public invitation for offers to purchase 75.
Tenders are invited for invitation for offers from distilleries/ wineries located within the country for supply of imfl (other than beer) including wine and rtd on rate contract basis for the year 2015-2016