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, stylette (stī'let, stī-let'),
1. A flexible metallic rod inserted in the lumen of a flexible catheter to stiffen it and give it form during its passage.
2. A slender probe.
Synonym(s): style, stylus (3) , stilus
[It. stilletto, a dagger; dim. of L. stilus or stylus, a stake, a pen]
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the stalk of the PISTIL of a flower connecting the STIGMA to the ovary.
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(You'll want a diversified portfolio to protect yourself against major market swings.) Draw up a written agreement on this investment philosophy.
Its investment philosophy is centered on 'active' ownership, with value driven through 'creativity in strategy and excellence in execution in all its investments.'
There will be no change to the investment philosophy, investment process or management of the company."
Sanlam UK chief executive Jonathan Polin said: "It was clear from the outset of our discussions with the Thesis management team that we were fully aligned in terms of investment philosophy, culture and an unwavering commitment to client service.
Azim described how he built his enterprise VentureDive, his partnership with Careem and his own investment philosophy.
"Over the past several years, we've had numerous requests to bring our investment philosophy and active investment management approach to products readily accessible by a retail audience - in essence, a 'Main Street' version of what our family office clients have had access to for more than a decade," said Blakely Page, Spouting Rock Financial Partners' President and Chairman.
Every investor needs to grapple with a few bedrock decisions to approach investing with success, but there is one decision that rules them all: choosing an investment philosophy.<br />Every investor must decide upon an asset allocation strategy.
Our ability to sell assets at favorable prices and deliver solid investment returns, while continuing to deploy capital on attractive terms across a wide range of Oaktree strategies, speaks to the power of our investment philosophy and discipline of our teams."
Responding to a question about the VC's investment philosophy, the spokesperson said "the Bakery is built on the belief that emerging markets are more similar than they are different."
Meritage's investment philosophy emphasises concentrated, high-conviction portfolios and a client-centric approach, which are highly complementary to Brown's investment philosophy.
At Amwal, our investment philosophy is built on an active long-term and value oriented investment approach.
This is in alignment with AAH's core investment philosophy of making strategic investments in the industrial sector in Oman.

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