investing fascia

in·vest·ing fas·ci·a

a (usually) relatively thin fibrous membrane, devoid of fat, which ensheaths a layer of muscles, usually derived from a single embryonic sheet, directly on their surfaces, separating individual muscles.
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It is separated from the subcutaneous tissues of the face by the plane formed by the superficial muscle of facial expression and the investing fascia (1) (Figure 14A).
While hypertonic saline injected to the investing fascia provoked considerable pain, no comparable response was observed when the substance was applied into the muscle itself or the nonexercised muscle of the contralateral leg.
Care was taken to leave a layer of subscarpal fat on the superficial investing fascia in order to preserve lymphatics and reduce the risk of postoperative seroma.
The thyroid lobe was bluntly dissected free from its investing fascia and rotated medially.
BALTIMORE -- Add suture rectopexy to abdominal sacral colpoperineopexy for even greater support of the posterior attachments to the investing fascia of the rectum, Dr.
The deep perineal pouch contains the urogenital diaphragm, its investing fascia, and structures that pass through it.