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Denoting the psychological dynamics that occur inside the mind without reference to the person's exchanges with other people or events.
Synonym(s): intrapersonal


Existing or occurring within the individual self or mind.

in′tra·per′son·al·ly adv.
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Intrapersonal communication is "all of the physiological and psychological processing of messages that happens within individuals at conscious and non-conscious levels as they attempt to understand themselves and their environment" (Roberts, Edwards, & Barker, 1987, p.
It can just as easily infect intrapersonal communication.
One of the biggest barriers to intrapersonal communication is rationalization.
A listening style that encourages free expression helps to empower people to act on ideas that they have carefully considered through the intrapersonal communication process.
Intrapersonal communication, the ways in which we communicate with ourselves, occurs along a continuum of cognition:
Figure 1: Continuum of intrapersonal communication Structured Unstructured Unconscious Conscious control Awareness Oblivious Problem solving Daydreaming Dreaming Logical Association Unfettered Lead Follow Get out of the way
The pioneering work of Freud and Jung broadened our awareness of this dimension of intrapersonal communication by providing differing conceptual schemas for study and understanding.
our search for or connection with a purpose larger than ourselves), then what is our internal process and how do we translate our spiritual intrapersonal communication into communication with others, or interpersonal communication?
That is, what intrapersonal communication is taking place as people think about and act upon their spirituality and how demonstration of the individual's spirituality through interpersonal communication affects his or her communication in the workplace.
The deep structure of intrapersonal communication processes.
Vocate, profesora e investigadora de la Universidad de Colorado publico la obra Intrapersonal Communication.
With the addition of significant information into the intrapersonal communication system there are changes in the structure of the unconscious processing with this newly introduced information.