cell adhesion molecule

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cell ad·he·sion mol·e·cule (CAM),

proteins that hold cells together, for example, uvomorulin, and hold them to their substrates, for example, laminin.
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cell ad·he·sion mol·e·cule

(CAM) (sel ad-hē'zhŭn mol'ĕ-kyūl)
Proteins that hold cells together, e.g., uvomorulin, and hold them to their substrates, e.g., laminin.
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cell adhesion molecule



Any molecule that traverses the cell membrane and contains a chemical domain that binds it to other cells or to the extracellular matrix.
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Thus, a recent in vivo study indicated that Vit D administration decreased the serum levels of the intracellular adhesion molecules L-CAM-1 and V-CAM-1 in hemodialysis patients [30].
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Significantly higher levels of endothelin-1, intracellular adhesion molecules, vascular cell adhesion molecules, and C-reactive protein were found in PCOS subjects, compared with controls.

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