neuronal intestinal dysplasia

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neu·ro·nal hy·per·pla·si·a

increased numbers of ganglion cells with myenteric plexus hyperplasia and increased acetylcholinesterase activity in nerves of the mucosa and submucosa. Clinically, neuronal hyperplasia mimics Hirschsprung disease. Similar findings are seen in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome, type IIB, and in neurofibromatosis.
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neuronal intestinal dysplasia

Abbreviation: NID
A disorder of bowel motility in which the innervation of the intestines is ectopic (the ganglions that provide nervous control of intestinal musculature being misplaced).
See also: dysplasia
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One of these biopsies demonstrated intraperineurial ganglion cells, a feature that had been reported as suggestive of intestinal neuronal dysplasia.[18,19] The finding of increased numbers of fibers of all sizes and of enlarged fibers is unexplained, but raises the possibility of neuronal dysplasia in ganglionic areas of bowel.
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