intervening variable

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in·ter·ven·ing var·i·a·ble

an event, such as an attitude or emotion, inferred to occur within an organism between the stimulation and response in such a way as to influence or determine the response.
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1991), Pace (1989), and Tinto (1975) have suggested that an important set of intervening variables are peer relations.
CVPs) can be summarized by the label or intervening variable consequence value.
The Effect of Participative Budgeting on Job Satisfaction and Performance: Role Ambiguity as an Intervening Variable.
Intervening variables are scores on "Information about Using WebCT" statements, Attendance at Orientation for each of dependent variables, Completion of Readiness Assessment, Prior Experience Taking Online Courses, and Frequency of Course Visits.
As explained in the research methodology section, the intervening variables were controlled one at a time.
This is why our definition of value as an intervening variable has nothing to do with meditational behaviorism or with hypothetical, unobservable events taking place at another universe of discourse (cf.
In light of the distinction, Tolman (1949), who was one of the first researchers or theorists to introduce the notion of theoretical terms to psychology, quite explicitly abandoned his original intervening variable interpretation in favor of the hypothetical construct interpretation:
MacCorquodale and Meehl suggested using the term intervening variable for these exhaustively defined concepts.
Neither a mentalist's nor a radical behaviorist's verbal behavior is ever of either sort, because the traditional distinctions between theoretical and observational terms, between the intervening variable and hypothetical construct interpretations of theoretical terms, and between instrumentalist and realist construal of theoretical terms, are all based on a logical, symbolic, referential view of verbal behavior.
We view corporate ideology as an intervening variable that reflects the composition of the TMT.
Activity, a potential intervening variable, was measured descriptively with the Activity Assessment Form, a tool designed to assess participation in the various activities at the senior center and a second form which asked participants do self-rate their level of activity as very active, active, not very active, or not active.