intervening variable

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in·ter·ven·ing var·i·a·ble

an event, such as an attitude or emotion, inferred to occur within an organism between the stimulation and response in such a way as to influence or determine the response.
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Multiple Regression Analysis on the Test of Interaction Effects of the Intervening Variables to Intestinal Parasitic Infection VARIABLES IN THE MODEL Intervening Variable Regression T Probability Level Coefficients Value [Level of Significance) Number of Siblings 0.
Self-efficacy, in turn, given its explanatory value in affecting the magnitude of effort exerted by a person attempting to execute a behaviour or achieve an outcome, can be considered to be a possible intervening variable between perception of ethical climate and the degree of non-compliance an employee would exert when faced with an unethical situation.
In relation to the partial mediation of trust in top management on the relationship between employee involvement and organizational commitment, there could be other intervening variables not included in this research that may better explain this relationship.
The uniqueness of this study is the suggestion that the subjective belief in a just world of 354 elderly people who were rest home residents is a strong intervening variable that affects the individual sense of well-being as evidenced by self-ratings of health.
The main focus is on recruitment, KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities) as an important intervening variable in the HR-job performance relationship.
Most of social research addresses its conduct covering topics such as the various steps and procedures one needs to include in research design, the specifics of the independent, dependent, and intervening variable, and so forth.
Among the causal models of faculty intent to leave, Zhou and Volkwein's (2004) model resembles most closely the framework developed by Price (1977), which included both work environment and external environment variables, as well as satisfaction as an intervening variable.
In other words, the hypothesis is that career development is an intervening variable depicting the association of career planning and career management on job satisfaction and career commitment.
As the researchers and the research assistants were all female, gender was not a significant intervening variable during data collection.
That is, it could not be determined if low assessments of organizational operations cause low job satisfaction, or low job satisfaction causes low assessments of organizational operations, or if the relationship is spurious, with some third unmeasured intervening variable (e.
One plausible account of the link between the employee's work experiences and financial performance holds that, in the service sector, customer satisfaction is a critical intervening variable.
Thus, the strain experienced by the caregiver is viewed as an intervening variable between the patient's level of impairment and the caregiver's longer-term psychosocial outcomes.