Urology An implantable device that electronically stimulates sacral nerves to help control bladder function in Pts with urgency-frequency ↓ Sx and urine retention sans mechanical obstruction. See Urge incontinence.
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neuromodulation with InterStim therapy compared to standard medical
Medtronic's (2008) InterStim Model 8870 Programming Guide for Software Version B states: "When cycling is not selected, the neurostimulator stays ON continuously.
One of the minimally invasive procedures available is the InterStim procedure, or sacral nerve stimulation (SNS).
We are planning to do a trial run of an InterStim device [a device that stimulates the nerves that control the pelvic floor muscles] to help my quality of life.
The business continues to see traction from the RestoreSensor SureScan magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, growth in Activa deep brain stimulation systems as a result of both the continued referral development in the United States and international momentum from EARLYSTIM clinical trial data, and strong implant rates for InterStim Therapy, officials noted.
adoption of RestoreSensor spinal cord stimulator, new implant growth of Activa DBS system for movement disorder, and solid demand for InterStim Therapy devices to treat bladder, urinary and bowel conditions.
In this treatment, marketed as InterStim, a small electrical generator, or neurostimulator, is implanted just under the skin of the upper buttock.
The InterStim implant is a tiny device, which is surgically implanted near the tailbone through a small incision near the tailbone.
InterStim Therapy by Medtronic is an implantable device which stimulates the sacral nerve with mild energy pulses.
The treatment called InterStim Therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure, which uses electrical impulses to stimulate the sacral nerve and improve muscle function.
Overactive Bladder (OAB) & Treatment Beyond Medication: Neuromodulation with InterStim Therapy