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Pelvic Health grew in the mid-single digits on the strength of InterStim II system sales.
Food and Drug Administration approval of the InterStim smart programmer for use with the InterStim system, which provides sacral neuromodulation therapy for the treatment of overactive bladder, chronic fecal incontinence and non-obstructive urinary retention.
Specialty Therapies' sales were bolstered by the performance of Advanced Energy (Aquamantys Transcollation and PEAK PlasmaBlade products), Pelvic Health (InterStim implant), and ENT (NuVent balloons and Fusion Compact navigation).
neuromodulation with InterStim therapy compared to standard medical
The SNM procedure with InterStim II[TM] system was performed in two stages.
Medtronic's (2008) InterStim Model 8870 Programming Guide for Software Version B states: "When cycling is not selected, the neurostimulator stays ON continuously.
One of the minimally invasive procedures available is the InterStim procedure, or sacral nerve stimulation (SNS).
We are planning to do a trial run of an InterStim device [a device that stimulates the nerves that control the pelvic floor muscles] to help my quality of life.
adoption of RestoreSensor spinal cord stimulator, new implant growth of Activa DBS system for movement disorder, and solid demand for InterStim Therapy devices to treat bladder, urinary and bowel conditions.