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One who provides an oral translation for people who do not speak the same language, or a machine that performs the same function.

Patient care

The Joint Commission recommends that access to competent, culturally sensitive interpreters be a standard of care for everyone seeking health care.

Synonym: translator (2)
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For more information about Interpreters Unlimited, Inc., please visit or call 800-726-9891.
That includes interpreters, he argued, but the Court of Appeals disagreed.
said that under current arrangements, the interpreters
students of translation and interpretation and work as a conference interpreter. Here's a brief overview of the role of interpreters and the ethics of the profession regarding confidentiality.
Fifteen percent did not have access to interpreters, and 25% did not have access to bilingual speech-language pathologists.
"My colleagues and I find ourselves turning down work because there is so much out there," said Guerra, a board member of the American Translators Association, the country's largest professional association of interpreters and translators.
24, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Emergency department interpreters are vital to quality care, according to an article published in the October issue of the Annals of Emergency Medicine.
The training session is an introduction to court interpreting and features judges, attorneys and certified court interpreters. Participants who complete an orientation and meet other requirements will be placed on a public roster of interpreters used by courts, law enforcement agencies, attorneys and law-related agencies.
Park management and frontline interpreters work toward the same goal--to create opportunities for visitors to connect to the natural and/or cultural resources of their site.
Attorneys representing certain client bases may regularly find themselves in need of interpreters to communicate with their non-English speaking clients.
"During this period of recruitment alternative arrangements are in place for us to access BSL interpreters should they be required.