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Plural of interosseus.
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It innervates the hypothenar muscles, third and fourth lumbricals, dorsal and palmar interossei muscles, adductor pollicis muscle, and deep head of the flexor pollicis brevis muscle.
These include segmental sensory conduction study across the carpal tunnel by median stimulation at midpalm, difference between the median motor latency to the second lumbrical and the ulnar motor latency to the interossei muscles. Other diagnostic methods are somatosensory evoked potential, assessment of median nerve conduction after incited test (e.g.
Abduction and adduction of the toes occurs with the standard of the second metatarsal, which is determined by the routes of the dorsal and plantar interossei muscles. Figure 7 shows that inversion and eversion occur with the same standard of the second metatarsal, due to the directions of all five muscles (Moore et al.).