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Plural of interosseus.
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the second lumbrical interossei and its premotor potential reduce the number of tests for carpal tunnel syndrome?
The following muscles and functions were tested when possible, and an average integer was reported per patient for hand and/or foot function: hand grip, opponens pollicis (opposes thumb), abductor pollicis brevis (abducts the thumb), adductor pollicis (adducts the thumb), opponens digiti minimi (opposes the little finger), abductor digiti minimi (abducts the little finger), third palmar interossei (adducts the little finger), foot dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.
Special care was taken to displace 1st dorsal interossei ventrally and keeping fingers completely flexed to avoid tendon entrapment.
She presented with moon facies, abdominal obesity, no edema, no struma, atrophy of the interossei muscles of her hands, positive Gaenslen signs, and compression pain in both wrists, the metacarpophalangeal joints (MCP), distal thumb joint, and the forefeet.
The deep ulnar nerve is responsible for motor control of intrinsic hand function through innervation of the dorsal and palmar interossei, the lumbricals of fourth and fifth digits, the hypothenar muscles (abductor, flexor and opponens digiti minimi), adductor pollicis muscle and the deep head of flexor pollicis brevis.
Accordingly, many published reports are based solely on the enzymatic dissociation of short muscles (less than 1 mm long), such as the flexor digitorum brevis (FDB) or the interossei (1-13).
The deep branch curves around the hook of the hamate and turns radially across the interossei, supplying the hypothenar muscles, the ulnar two lumbricals, all the interossei, and the adductor pollicis.
The palmar interossei and dorsal interossei arise from the metacarpals.
Interossei and lumbricale muscles of the foot: an anatomical and functional study.
A neurological examination demonstrated motor strength changes: 4/5 deltoid and supra and infraspinatus, 3/5 triceps, 1/5 biceps, 2/5 wrist flexion, 0/5 wrist and finger extension, 1/5 lumbricals and interossei, 0/5 abductor pollicis brevis and 3/5 adductor pollicis on the right.