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The use of the Internet, email, or other electronic communications device to harass and threaten another person, who may, as a result of repeated threats and harassment, have a reasonable fear for his or her safety
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INTERNET STALKER Shane Webber put sexual pictures of his ex-girlfriend on social networking websites.
Q DANGERS: What seems like innocent chat with another youngster to your child may actually have a more sinister interpretation.; Coronation Street highlighted the risks, pictured below, when an internet stalker (Sam Kane) tricked youngster Sarah-Louise (Tina O'Brien) into going to his house
He also played an internet stalker in Coronation Street.
It is believed the internet stalker decided to set up the website after reading about her case in the newspapers.
Satisfied that he at least had some common ground and that she wasn't just a random internet stalker, he forged ahead with a bit of a cyber chat-up.
CORONATION Street's Sarah-Louise Platt, who this week becomes conned by an internet stalker, was today urging schoolchildren to be careful when they go online.
Together, Brittany and Nate enter the courthouse to testify against her Internet stalker.
CRIMEWATCH star Rav Wilding felt threatened by "grotesque" abuse from an internet stalker, a court heard yesterday.
During Tina's time on Coronation Street, her troubled character became a mum at 13, was dodged by an internet stalker, lost a baby after the surprise announcement that her boyfriend was gay and had to grapple with a deranged granny.
A West Midlands man has been arrested after an international manhunt to trace an internet stalker who preyed on a schoolgirl in Canada.
The last time soap fans heard this, Sarah-Louise was at the mercy of Mr Mad Internet Stalker Man in Coronation Street.
Being a family man made it all the more difficult for Sam to play internet stalker Gary Adams in Coronation Street.

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