Internet Suicide

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An ill-defined term referring to the use of the Internet to provide information on the particulars about suicide completion
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by alaSTaiR ReiD A SCOTS mum has told how an internet suicide game popped up during a Peppa Pig video on YouTube.
A court heard Natasha Gordon, 44, met Matthew Birkinshaw, 31, on an internet suicide forum and persuaded him to kill himself, telling him they would "die together".
(2012) Internet suicide searches and the incidence of suicide in young people in Japan.
It is understood the pair made contact on an internet suicide forum.
TOKYO: Japan on Tuesday hanged three inmates convicted of multiple murders including a Chinese national and a middle-aged man who found his victims through an Internet suicide site, the justice minister said.
Despite numerous references in the national press to "suicide town" "death cults" and "internet suicide pacts" he chose to single out a paper which has constantly said that the deaths of the young people are not linked.
Speculation abounded last week, with theories of internet suicide cults, romantic notions of death and immortality, suicide as the latest craze, and teenagers being goaded into "taking the bus" (an online euphemism for committing suicide) by chat room "trolls".
It is feared they are part of an internet suicide pact.
The number of internet suicide pacts has almost tripled since 2003 when the agency began keeping records.
They had died of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is the most common method of internet suicide victims.
A LIVERPOOL student killed himself in what is believed to be Britain's first internet suicide pact, an inquest heard.
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