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A gene on chromosome 8q24.13 that encodes annexin 13, a calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding protein that plays a role in regulating cell growth and signal transduction.
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Another day, another Internet alliance. After months of sitting on the sidelines, major music congloms have been rapidly announcing deals with software firms that offer technology capable of securely delivering music digitally.
"Krause's is ideally positioned to become the leading retail e-commerce provider in custom upholstered furniture while also providing business-to-business solutions for other furniture e-tailers and independent furniture retailers served by Internet alliance customers, as well as the hospitality industry," said Phillip Hawley, Krause's chairman and chief executive.
has formed an Internet alliance with three housewares vendors: World Kitchen (formerly Corning Consumer Products Co.), Windmere's Consumer Products Group (formerly Household Products), and Panasonic Home and Commercial Products Co.
(This, the pre-search era, was the height of the webring: Internet alliances that funneled people to sites they wouldnt otherwise see.)
Last year was also highlighted by an expansion in Target's Internet alliances, most notably with Internet retailer
Moreover, our assessment of the financial and strategic outcomes of hundreds of Internet alliances indicates that their overall success rate has been slightly higher than the rate of their traditional off-line counterparts: 55 percent against 51 percent.

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