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1. the use of a meaningful pattern of vocal sounds (or corresponding written symbols) to convey thoughts and feelings, or a system of such patterns that is understood by a group of people.
2. by extension, any of various other systems of communication that use sets of discrete symbols.
3. any of numerous sets of standardized vocabulary terms for use among health care providers in a variety of settings allowing comparisons of care across populations, settings, regions, and time. There are over 30 researched standardized health care languages. Called also standardized vocabulary.
body language the expression of thoughts or emotions by means of posture or gesture.
International Sign language a sign language composed of a blending of vocabulary signs from numerous different countries, sometimes used at international meetings and events of deaf persons; formerly called Gestuno.
natural language ordinary language as used by the speakers of that language, as opposed to a language made up for a special purpose (as for use by a computer system).
nursing language any of various sets of standardized terms and definitions for use in nursing to provide standardized descriptions, labels, and definitions for expressing the phenomena of nursing; some include category groupings of terms. The American Nurses Association has recognized twelve official languages.
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Islamabad -- Like all over the world, the United Nations International Sign Language Day is also marked here in the Federal Capital Saturday night to show solidarity with the people with hearing impairment.
Summary: Gulf Air and CFM International sign agreement for the purchase of 58 LEAP-1A engines
Tampa, FL, April 23, 2017 --( Creative Sign Designs' Director of Project Management and Installation Sean Sheedy, has been named to the 2017 International Sign Association Elite Program.
Understanding International Sign: A Sociolinguistic Study
The ongoing customs block of Macedonian trucks, the block of containers with goods for Macedonia in the Thessaloniki port, the ban on Macedonian planes in Greece, the charges against European traders selling Macedonian wine, the humiliation of tourists at the border crossings because of the international sign of MK are only some of the activities of the official Greek institutions, private associations, and even church figures straining the economic cooperation with the southern neighbor.
The latest developments in digital signage were planned to be highlighted at the Saudi Sign & Graphics 2011 -- The 10th International Sign and Graphics Technologies Exhibition, November 28 to December 1, at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre.
EFI exhibited an array of new products, including the VUTEk GS3200 and GS5000r superwide printers and the flexible new Rastek T660 wide format UV flatbed, at the ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas, NV.
The International Sign Association launched a new series of ads to appear in Franchising World magazine.
Using preexisting systems of communication (such as the international sign lexicon), Mullican proceeded to dovetail private discourse with public emblem, manufacturing "subjectively universal" symbols that often take the form of banners and bannerlike structures.
International Sign: Linguistic, Usage, and Status Issues
They discuss gatherings of deaf individuals, including international deaf banquets in France, international arts festivals, international deaf youth gatherings (the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Camp), separate deaf Jewish spaces, and large-scale institutional deaf events; language aspects related to International Sign and national and foreign signed languages; the work of nongovernmental organizations, missionaries, leadership programs,

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