International Red Cross Society

In·ter·na·tion·al Red Cross So·ci·e·ty

(in'tĕr-nash'ŭn-ăl red kraws sŏ-sī'ĕ-tē)
A benevolent organization based in Geneva with aims similar to those of the American Red Cross. It provides humanitarian aid to refugees, prisoners of war, and victims of natural disaster.
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He said they had hoped to travel with a group of volunteers from the Bahrain Medical Society, but decided to fly out independently because the society was still waiting for clearance from the International Red Cross Society (IRCS).
In 1952, he was separated from his foster parents and forcibly sent to India by the International Red Cross Society so that he could be restored to his real family.
Dr Amer Mulhim, head of disaster management unit at QRC, told a local Arabic daily that they would be sending a team to the Philippines next week to carry out relief and rescue operations in co-ordination with the International Red Cross Society.
In fact, messages on Twitter and Facebook asking people to donate to the International Red Cross Society created such a buzz that the nonprofit body raised $ 5 million ( approximately Rs 23 crore) in about 24 hours and at the time of going to press, more money was being generated.
More than 10 medics planned to travel to Gaza this week, but have been told by the International Red Cross Society (IRCS) to stay put until a ceasefire is brokered.
Reportedly, Sri Lankan government has plans to open two safe routes to let thousands of civilians trapped in a war zone escape, for which it has sought the help of the International Red Cross Society.
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