International Organization of Standardization

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International Organization of Standardization, a nongove-rnmental federation of worldwide bodies that publishes international agreements covering a broad range of services and technologies to promote the use of common standards across the world. For example, one committee of the federation (TC 54) is specifically concerned with procedures relating to the manufacture, sale, and storage of essential oils.
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Selected Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, International Electrotechnical Commission and International Organization for Standardization guidance documents in relation to terms and definitions in Clauses 4 and 5 of ISO 15189:2012.
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From 1984 until 1998, NIST also served as the secretariat for the International Organization for Standardization (known as ISO) Subcommittee on Industrial Data.
Information was compiled from a periodic NIST survey focusing on so-called "9000 series" quality standards and on "ISO 14000," the family of Environmental Management System standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (known as ISO).

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