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An organization that works for the release of persons detained anywhere for their consciously held beliefs, colour, ethnic origin, sex, religion, or language, provided they have neither used nor advocated violence. Amnesty International opposes torture and the death penalty
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They also considered that the "constant" and "programmed" attack by Hezbollah against them was evidence on the party's decreasing immunity while the conflict was still on the run in Syria, "which will certainly lead to the defeat of Hezbollah and Bashar al-Assad." On a different note, the forces discussed the recommendations of the International Amnesty conference held in Beirut in order to address the issue of the Syrian refugees, and which considered that Lebanon was bearing the heaviest load in the world, according to its area.
The last report issued by the International Amnesty gave positive remarks on the UAE noting that they gave special awareness and care to tackling human trafficking in the country, by imposing strict penalties as per federal law number 51 of the year 2006.
Kilicdaroglu sent the letter, titled "Why We Didn't Take Oath", to officials of several organizations such as UN, EU, OSCE, Organization of the Islamic Conference, Council of Europe, European Parliament, International Amnesty and Journalists Without Borders, as well as ambassadors in Turkey and foreign journalists assigned in Turkey.
This came during the meeting held here by the committee's delegation with the team from human rights administration at the British foreign ministry and International Amnesty organization.
ANKARA, Nov 5, 2010 (TUR) -- The German Embassy in Ankara and representation of the International Amnesty in Turkey will co-organize a workshop on countering violence against women in Antakya town of the southern province of Hatay, an embassy statement said on Friday.

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