Internally Displaced Person

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A person who has been forced to leave his/her home or habitual residence as a result of or in order to avoid the effects of armed conflict, general violence, violations of human rights or natural or human-made disasters, and who has not crossed an internationally recognised state border
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Like their Greek Cypriot counterparts following the Turkish invasion, these internal refugees were deeply traumatised, having overnight lost their homes and possessions and, in some cases, relatives killed or injured by enemy action.
Providing internal refugees with water and food, however, could only be a first step, Bartsch noted.
Naturally, the Internal Refugee committees are conscious of the fears of the Jewish public and the Israeli establishment concerning their demands, and are aware that there is little hope of achieving a return to the pre-1948 situation.
Within Angola, there are now some 2.3 million internal refugees, and 1.8 million citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) have fled their homes.
The decline and flight of industries that summoned and employed many blacks during and after World War II has left a large population confined in forgotten townships, or perhaps internal refugee camps.
There is also a relative stability in the region's security, in addition to the continued return of the internal refugees to their homeland, added the Kuwaiti diplomat.
If we can't or won't address the issues in remote and rural communities, we will continue to have a significant flow of internal refugees. Should we not then compare the supports we supply to those not from Canada who are fleeing desperate situations and agree that, at a minimum, our fellow citizens deserve the same?
More than five million Syrian have left the country and another six million are internal refugees with Iran directing traffic.
During that time, the subject of the German civilian victims of the Second World War and the millions of internal refugees created by flight and expulsion was monopolised by the right-wing fringe of West German politics, stoking dreams of reclaimed territories and propping up false equivalences with the immense suffering wrought on others by Hitler's war.
A punk anthem from one of the forefathers of Filipino punk scene, it depicts the plight of the internal refugees or bakwit.
We have 4 million internal refugees because of that, and Turkey should help us with that.

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