internal auditory meatus

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in·ter·nal a·cous·tic me·a·tus

a canal beginning at the opening of the internal acoustic meatus in the posterior cranial fossa, passing laterally through the petrous portion of the temporal bone to end at the fundus, where a thin plate of bone separates it from the vestibule; it gives passage to the facial and vestibulocochlear nerves together with the labyrinthine artery and veins.

internal auditory meatus

The opening of the internal auditory canal into the cranial cavity located on the posterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, or the canal itself.
Synonym: internal acoustic meatus
See also: meatus
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The width of the internal auditory meatus is variable.
CT confirmed the abnormally wide internal auditory meatus bilaterally (figure 2).
A thorough review of the English-language literature suggests that this is the first report of bilateral SSCD associated with bilateral large internal auditory meatus. The bilateral nature of our patient's condition speaks in favor of a developmental abnormality or a more complex (albeit mild) embryologic process as the cause, (11) as has already been suggested.
Large internal auditory meatus, inner ear anomalies, and progressive hearing loss.
In this presented case, bilateral internal auditory meatus infiltration with metastatic adenocarcinoma was an unexpected finding.
Treatment can be further complicated if the tumor spreads from the cerebellopontine angle to the internal auditory meatus. (6)
The anatomic distribution and signal characteristics were those of a left cerebellopontine angle cholesteatoma that had extended into the left internal auditory meatus.

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