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To cease for a time.
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Rather than trying to intermittingly optimize a process based on historical data taken from a large number of applications, analytics is getting more prescriptive and making information available in real-time so that it can be directly applied to a specific transaction or event.
Shoots obtained from Bambusa balcooa, Bambusa nutans, and Dendrocalamus strictus are slightly bitter and require proper processing by either steaming or boiling briefly and changing the water intermittingly till the bitterness is lost [7].
Intermittingly, William's grieving in the present gives way to scenes of reminiscence of his and Venus' experiences as youths who found love together.
Practical solidarity was confined to intermittingly supporting campaigns against rising prices and offering occasional solidarity to a few militant unions.
The AFM height and EFM main-phase images were recorded during the first pass when the AFM probe was intermittingly contacted with the sample surface, while surface potential and EFM phase images were recorded during the second pass when the conductive probe was raised above the sample at a fixed distance (e.g., 10 nm) with a bias.