intermediate uveitis

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in·ter·me·di·ate u·ve·i·tis

neither anterior nor posterior, intermediate uveitis tends to involve the pars plana and the ciliary body.
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A nonspecific term for any intraocular inflammatory disorder. The uveal tract structures—iris, ciliary body, and choroid—are usually involved, but other nonuveal parts of the eye, including the retina and cornea, may be involved.

Uveitis that is not associated with known infections or that is associated with diseases of unknown cause is termed endogenous uveitis. This is thought to be due to an autoimmune phenomenon.


Corticosteroids and other immunosuppressive agents, including cyclosporine, are used in treating some causes of uveitis, but their use may make some types of uveitus worse.

Short-acting cycloplegic agents such as hematropine, scopolamine, or cyclopentolate are used during therapy to prevent inflammatory adhesions (posterior synechiae) between the iris and lens.

diffuse uveitis


intermediate uveitis

Pars planitis.

sympathetic uveitis

Severe, bilateral uveitis that starts as inflammation of the uveal tract of one eye resulting from a puncture wound. The injured eye is termed the “exciting eye.” See: sympathetic ophthalmia


High-dose corticosteroids are often effective.

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Intermediate uveitis, a rare form of Classified uveitis,15 is usually due to a systemic disease, often sarcoidosis.
(%) patients Posterior placoid chorioretinitis 17 (58) Retinitis 4 (14) Optic neuritis 4 (14) Anterior uveitis (plus iris gumma) 1 (3.5) Neuroretinitis 1 (3.5) Intermediate uveitis 1 (3.5) Retinal vasculitis 1 (3.5) Table 2.
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Ocular inflammation such as intermediate uveitis and retinal periphlebitis may occur in MS.
The present study aims to compare the effect of intravitreal bevacizumab in uveitic macular edema in patients with different etiologies: idiopathic intermediate uveitis, Behcet's disease, idiopathic panuveitis, and presumed ocular tuberculosis uveitis.
Patients were categorized as: having anterior uveitis if the inflammation was primarily located in the anterior segment; having intermediate uveitis if the vitreous body was primarily involved or the inflammation involved both the anterior segment and the vitreous body or pars planitis with characteristic pars plana exudation; having posterior uveitis if retinochoroidal lesions predominated; or having panuveitis if the inflammation involved all the compartments of the eye.
Two patients were diagnosed as anterior uveiris related with MS, five patients as intermediate uveitis and retinal vasculitis, and one patient as retinal vasculitis alone.

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