intermediate filament

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intermediate filament

Any of a group of protein filaments that are a component of the cytoskeleton in animal cells, are composed of a variety of proteins such as lamins and keratins, and provide structural support for the cytoplasm and nucleus. Intermediate filaments are intermediate in diameter between microfilaments and microtubules, the other components of the cytoskeleton.

intermediate filament

Abbreviation: IF
Slender proteins found in all eukaryotic cells, measuring about 8 to 12 nm in diameter. Intermediate filaments are composed of proteins including desmin, keratins, lamins, and vimentin and together with microtubules and microfilaments form the cytoskeleton. Some malignant cells can be identified by the specific proteins in their intermediate filaments.
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a delicate fiber or thread.

beard filament
structures of the beard of the male turkey are neither hairs nor feathers but have some of the characteristics of both.
filament control
in an x-ray machine this controls the filament current in the x-ray tube. The size of the current and its duration are controlled in this way.
filament current
in an x-ray machine the strength of the current to the filament is varied by the use of a filament or stepdown transformer.
filament focal spot size
the focal spot of the x-ray beam should be as small as possible to give maximum sharpness and clarity. Its size is determined by the size of the filament opposite that generates the beam, the anode angle and other factors.
intermediate filament
non-contractile elements in the supportive structure of cytoplasm.
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NurAiD II stimulates the proliferation of stem cells: after 2 days of treatment with NurAiD II on neuronal cultures, the number of rosettes of progenitor cells expressing nestin (an intermediate filament protein implicated in the growth of axons) is multiplied by a factor of 3.
GFAP is a monomeric intermediate filament protein thought to be produced almost exclusively in astrocytes.
In a prospective study of 59 randomly selected patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, a high degree of inflammatory liver injury on liver biopsy was associated with greater levels of the products that result from the cleavage of cytokeratin-18 (CK-18, a major intermediate filament protein in liver cells) by caspases during apoptosis (Hepatology 2004;40:1078-87).
The active component in Keratec IFP is a soluble form of intermediate filament protein made up primarily of a fibrous protein derived from New Zealand wool.
13) Desmin, the intermediate filament protein of skeletal muscle fibers, cardiac myocytes, and certain smooth muscle cells, is a part of the cytoskeletal domain linking Z-bands with the plasmalemma and the nucleus.

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