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Erwin S., U.S. physicist, 1868-1956. See: Ferry-Porter law.
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RTAs participation in the Interferry Conference in Croatia stems from our keenness to keep abreast of the global trends of marine transport, especially the Ferry.
The strategy represents the essence of Interferry that operates according to clear bases designed to ensure the highest standards of sustainability, environmental security and safety of passengers and crews in commercial and cruise ships by applying fair regulations and legislation that are compatible with international resolutions in managing maritime operations.
The Interferry conference saw around 350 international delegates coming together to discuss best practices related to public transport and the future of the marine transportation industry.
The Interferry 37th Annual Conference will also discuss transportation systems and technologies related to the revenue collection process of marine transport means and the integration with various transport systems such as buses, and trains in the neighborhood.
To help underscore the progress of NFC, Turkey's Istanbul Sea Buses Corporation (IDO), which runs the capital's marine transportation system, signed a "cooperation protocol" with NFC at the Interferry forum held in New York in October 2010.